Advances in aesthetic procedures have brought a number of nonsurgical treatments for facial rejuvenation that offer minimal downtime and skin-restoring results. These treatments include the vampire facial, which uses your own plasma, and a liquid facelift that uses a combination of dermal fillers and Botox®. 

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What is a Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) purified from your own blood. Because platelets act as one of the primary components of wound healing and collagen production, this PRP can stimulate collagen development. The vampire facial uses microneedling to create channels in the skin that allow it to receive the PRP treatment. 

PRP makes the micro-channels heal more quickly, reduces downtime, and triggers long-term collagen development in the underlying layers of skin. Here, they help improve skin’s firmness and elasticity and enhance the appearance of glowing, youthful skin. 

How Does a Liquid Facelift Work?

A liquid facelift uses dermal fillers and Botox® to reduce lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. While the results will not look the same as a surgical facelift, they also require little to no recovery time. For people who have lines and wrinkles but do not need a facelift yet, a liquid facelift can create lift, volume and decrease those stubborn lines.

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Liquid Facelift VS Vampire Facial: Which One is Right for Me?

Which procedure works best for you depends on your treatment goals. If you want brighter, firmer-looking skin with enhanced collagen production, a vampire facial may work best. If you want to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles while improving the face’s volume and contour, you may consider a liquid facelift. 

A vampire facial works by promoting increased healing properties and collagen production, which tightens and firms the skin from underneath. A liquid facelift uses dermal fillers and Botox®, which reduce lines and wrinkles more effectively but lacks the long-term improvement of collagen seen with a vampire facial. 

What Results Will I See?

With both treatments, the skin will look younger and more rejuvenated. With a liquid facelift, these results come from diminished lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. With a vampire facial, the results come from microneedling and long-term collagen development triggered by the process. 

Is There Any Downtime With A Vampire Facial or Liquid Facelift?

The vampire facial may leave your skin red and sensitive for a few hours, but the PRP speeds recovery. With a liquid facelift, you may see a small amount of bruising or soreness in the injection area, but this will go away within a day or two. Both procedures allow you to return to regular activities without limitations. 

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