What Is VFit Plus?

VFit Plus is a non-surgical, hormone-free, at-home intimate wellness device for women. Its purpose is to help to restore tissue and hydration in women’s intimate areas. The VFit device uses light, heat, sonic vibration and hyaluronic acid gel to improve hydration, blood flow, and overall vaginal health.

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How Does VFit Work?

The VFit device is used in the comfort of your own home to administer 12-minute treatments every other day. It works to deliver benefits in four different ways.

  • Red LED light energy is delivered to help stimulate new cell growth and collagen fibers.
  • Soothing Heat is used to warm the vaginal tissue and encourage blood flow which aids in hydration.
  • Sonic vibration is available in 12 modes with different vibration patterns.
  • The photonic gel is used for comfortable insertion of the VFit device. It is an ultra-concentrated, water-based gel that is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe.
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Am I A Good Candidate For This At-Home Wellness Device?

Women of all ages will benefit from focusing on their intimate health. If you have had children and are experiencing vaginal laxity, if you suffer from vaginal dryness during intercourse, or if you are experiencing a loss of sensitivity or discomfort during intimacy, then you are a good candidate for VFit treatments. Vaginal walls become thin and dry as women approach menopause due to the drop in estrogen levels. This can also be true for women who are breastfeeding or using birth control. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, regardless of your age, you may be a good candidate for the VFit wellness device.

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What Results Will I See?

The VFit treatments will improve pelvic floor strength, tighten vaginal walls, as well as increase natural moisture and sensation during sex. Studies have shown that after 60 days of use, 95% of women felt improvements in their vaginal health. Many women even noticed improvements after just 3 weeks including increased confidence and sensation during sex. Some patients have combined the VFit at-home treatment with other in-office treatments such as IntimaLase.

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