If you have mild to moderate signs of aging and you want a gentle, low-downtime method of skin rejuvenation? MOXI™can help. 

Moxi Laser Rockwall

*individual results may vary

What is MOXI™?

MOXI™ is a fractionated laser that rejuvenates the skin very gently, making it suitable for even very sensitive skin or for people who do not want an intensive, uncomfortable treatment. MOXI™ does not require any significant downtime and reduces or prevents the signs of aging. 

How Does MOXI™ Work?

A fractionated laser pulses the heat into tiny channels in the surface of the skin. With MOXI™, these channels are only microns deep. However, they still work to trigger the surrounding cells to pump in healing factors that cause skin regeneration and make skin look brighter and more refreshed. 

The micro-damage will also cause the skin to produce more collagen, the key protein providing structural support and healthy volume in our skin. Regenerating collagen lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as restoring a more youthful appearance. 

MOXI™ works so gently because it penetrates less deep than other types of laser. While this makes it more gentle, it may mean that if you have more severe signs of aging, your provider may recommend a stronger skin rejuvenation treatment than MOXI™.

Am I a Good Candidate for MOXI™?

One of the best things about MOXI™: almost anyone can be a candidate. The treatment is designed to work with even extremely sensitive skin without causing irritation. 

What is the Skin Rejuvenation Procedure Like?

A numbing cream is applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort. The MOXI™ handpiece directs cool air onto the skin to prevent it from feeling the heat. Some people report a tingling or prickly sensation during skin rejuvenation treatment. Your MOXI™ session will take about 30 minutes. Afterward, your provider will advise you on further care. 

Is There Any Downtime after a MOXI™ Procedure?

You can expect to see pinkness or redness resembling a sunburn for about a day after the procedure. You can still return to all your normal activities, but avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen to protect your healing skin. 

What Results Should I Expect after Skin Rejuvenation?

You will need anywhere between three and five sessions, spaced three to four weeks apart, to see the full results of the treatment. Some people will return one to two times per year to refresh their treatment and keep their rejuvenated appearance. 

You will see a decrease or disappearance of hyperpigmentation, minor sun damage, and uneven texture. These results will improve after each visit. You may experience a few days of skin that feels rough or scratchy, but when this is gone you can enjoy your rejuvenated skin. 

Take the Next Step 

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