1502, 2019

What Is The Vampire Breast Lift?

By |February 15th, 2019|Vampire Breast Lift|0 Comments

The world of modern dermatology and plastic surgery has made amazing strides in treating our bodies when the natural aging process, childbirth, or breastfeeding have left us feeling less than beautiful. Many excellent and affordable options have been made available to us, many of them being non-invasive ones. Let’s look at one of the newer treatments called the Vampire Breast Lift. VIEW MORE PATIENT CASES The Vampire Breast Lift is a non-invasive treatment that combines the healing power of your own blood’s platelets with the power of hyaluronic acid [...]

402, 2019

How Can I Get Fuller, Natural Looking Lips?

By |February 4th, 2019|Dermal Fillers, Juvederm, Natural Lips|0 Comments

Who doesn’t like to take a great selfie while on vacation, with a best friend, with an adorable pet, or with the love of their life!?! It’s so easy to look at our phones and set up the perfect selfie! It also makes it much simpler to see what we perceive to be flaws in our hair, teeth, expressions, facial features, and skin. But don’t let that thin pout get you down! Those lips can be fuller, yet natural looking, with a few easy treatments! VIEW MORE PATIENT PHOTOS [...]

3101, 2019

What Causes Brown and Red Spots to Appear on My Skin?

By |January 31st, 2019|Halo Laser Treatment|0 Comments

Skin is our body’s largest organ and since it’s one that we can actually see without making surgical incisions, we tend to notice every new spot that shows up as we go through life. Maybe it’s a bruise, an age spot, or some other random mark that leaves you wondering what it is and how did it got there? We’ll even go a step further and help you discover how to rid yourself of these spots. Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation is an area of abnormal darkening of the skin.  It is the presence [...]

3001, 2019

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Belly Fat Reduction

By |January 30th, 2019|CoolSculpting|0 Comments

Diet and exercise. Exercise and diet. We all hear that being preached day in and day out. You’ve done that faithfully for months upon months and yet you still have some stubborn belly fat hanging around. You are not alone. This is a very common problem among people who have lost weight rapidly or over time. Now there is a safe and effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce that belly fat called CoolSculpting! What Is CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is a non-surgical way to freeze away that fat. People no longer need to resort [...]

2001, 2019

Can I Improve the Appearance of Hyperpigmentation?

By |January 20th, 2019|Broadband Light (BBL), Hyperpigmentation, Laser Treatments|0 Comments

Hyperpigmentation is a common and usually harmless condition that happens to just about everyone over time. Patches of skin become darker than the skin around it because of an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color. This condition can affect anyone of any ethnicity and can be caused by: Sun damage Hormonal changes Skin conditions such as acne Injuries and surgical wounds. Even freckles, which are an inherited characteristic, are examples of hyperpigmentation. These darkened skin patches can become [...]

3012, 2018

Which Is Best For Me: Vaginal Rejuvenation or the O-Shot?

By |December 30th, 2018|O-Shot, ThermaVi|0 Comments

Many women suffer silently with issues concerning their vaginal health that result from childbirth, aging, and menopause.  Physicians and researchers have been working to alleviate the discomforts that women experience including lack of lubrication, pain during sex, stress urinary incontinence, chronic infections and difficulty in achieving orgasms. Two of the treatments that are gaining the most popularity are rejuvenation treatments and the O-Shot. Let’s take a look at each in order to help determine which may be best for you. ThermiVa ThermiVa is a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to [...]

1312, 2018

Which Filler Is Best For Lip Enhancement?

By |December 13th, 2018|Dermal Fillers|0 Comments

You thought you just took the best selfie or portrait ever and when you looked at it you were shocked by the thin lips and fine lines smiling back at you. What happened? When did your mouth start showing subtle signs of aging? Because of the frequent movements of our mouths, it is only natural that over time we develop the appearance of fine lines and a thin look to our lips. There is no need to fear the camera or the mirror any longer. Join the millions of people who are fighting back with [...]

712, 2018

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

By |December 7th, 2018|CoolSculpting|0 Comments

*Individual Results May Vary You’ve done all of your research on the revolutionary, non-invasive CoolSculpting Treatment and you are ready to take the plunge in order to change your life for the better by freezing away stubborn fat cells in order to improve your appearance, confidence and self-esteem. There is one nagging question left and that is, “Can I afford this treatment?” We believe that once you consider the money you would spend on diet pills, shakes, gyms, and other dead-ends, that your answer will be a resounding “yes!” [...]

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