For many years the name “Botox” was the only name recognized by anyone (and everyone) for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles in the expression zone. Botox was, in fact, the first neurotoxin treatment to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle contractions in the face. Very recently, a new FDA approved injection treatment for frown lines and forehead wrinkles has been introduced in the United States after many years of popularity in Europe. This new neurotoxin treatment is called Dysport. Now that Dysport is here and growing in popularity, how is it different from Botox?

Let’s Compare the Two

These two types of injectable treatments work the same way, so first we will look at what is the same with both treatments.

    • Both contain the botulinum toxin which is a purified form of bacteria. Small, regulated amounts of this substance are injected into the muscles of the face that are responsible for the “expression lines” that we see appearing as we age.
    • Both work by blocking nerve signals in the muscles around the injection site. When the nerve signals are blocked, the muscles are temporarily frozen. Without movement, certain lines and wrinkles can be softened, reduced, or removed completely.
    • Both have been extensively studied and have similar safety profiles.
    • Both are convenient treatments that have no downtime and no hospitalization.
    • Both are temporary treatments.
    • Both require follow-up treatments for maintenance after 3-4 months.
    • In double-blind clinical studies, doctors nor patients could tell the difference in the treatments.

Botox & Dysport Consultations Available

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From this list, it may seem that they are identical treatments, but there are a few things that are different.

  • Dysport has a slightly quicker onset of 2-5 days, whereas Botox results appear in 4-7 days.
  • Dysport diffuses more, which means it spreads to a wider area. This can be considered an advantage in some treatment areas and a disadvantage in others.
  • Botox is manufactured and marketed by the Allergan company.
  • Dysport is manufactured and marketed by the Medicis (Galderma) company. (the makers of Restylane.)

Which Should You Choose?

Come in for a consultation at Juvanew Medspa. Your provider will be able to explain your options and help to determine which of these neurotoxins is best suits your needs.

The Bottom Line

The decision of which treatment to use is ultimately between you and your treatment provider. With that being said, the most important decision is not which treatment you choose, but WHO you chose to administer your treatment! You will want to choose a provider that is highly skilled and has a lot of experience in treating the expression lines of the face. Reading online reviews and biographies, viewing photo galleries of actual patients, and scheduling in-person consultations are excellent steps in choosing the right provider and then trusting them to help you decide which treatment is best suited for your individual needs.

Amanda and Terry are super skilled at all of their services. I have been so impressed with how well they do injections and highly recommend them. They are up to speed on the latest treatments and excellent at tailoring a treatment specifically for you. The customer service is amazing. Lynda is fantastic and is super helpful with any questions that you might have and is a true asset to Juvanew. I have used many other services in NY and living out of country and it can be difficult to find someone that you can trust to be honest and make sure that you don’t have that overdone look. I am very particular about the placement of Botox and finally have found someone in TX that knows what they are doing. Juvanew is 5 stars plus!


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