Define your jawline for a sculpted look with Juvederm® Volux.

What is Juvederm® Volux?

Juvederm® Volux is the newest member of the Juvederm® dermal filler family. Volux is the first dermal filler of its kind designed to target the chin and jaw area. Until now, providers lacked a filler that could add volume and shape to this challenging area. Juvanew is proud to offer this new, more effective option. Volux joins other Juvederm® family members who treat lines, wrinkles, cheeks, and lips. It enhances the chin and jawline, creating a more sculpted and defined appearance.

Juvederm® Volux Rockwall

How Does Juvederm® Volux Work?

Like other members of the Juvederm® family, Volux uses a filler material called hyaluronic acid. This polysaccharide is found naturally in your skin, where it acts to attract and hold onto moisture. Juvederm® fillers like Volux use proprietary VYCROSS® technology that cross-links hyaluronic acid molecules to improve their resilience and lasting power. 

Volux is the first dermal filler FDA-approved to treat the jawline and chin for improved definition. Most dermal fillers are not cohesive enough to produce the desired shape, making Volux a revolution in restoring or achieving a stronger, more sculpted jaw. Changing the appearance of the jaw can restore a more balanced, harmonious appearance to the entire face.

What is Juvederm® Volux Treatment Like?

Juvederm® Volux contains small amounts of lidocaine, a local numbing agent. Each injection numbs the area to keep you comfortable. Dermal filler injections feel like a slight pinch, but the addition of lidocaine makes it easier to sit through a series of them. The entire Volux treatment usually lasts about 1 hour. Juvederm® fillers allow you to get treatment on a lunch break and return to work without delay.

What Results Will I See With Juvederm® Volux?

Results from Juvederm® Volux become visible immediately but may continue to adjust and settle for a few days. You may also have minor swelling for a day or two. When injected by a skilled and trained practitioner, Volux results last up to a year. Hyaluronic acid is gradually and harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Is There Any Downtime With Juvederm® Volux?

Juvederm® Volux requires no downtime, and you can resume your usual activities immediately. Avoid rubbing your face after treatment. You may have minor swelling or bruising in the injection area, but these effects typically fade within a few days. The lack of downtime makes dermal fillers one of the most popular aesthetic treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate for Juvederm® Volux?

Juvederm® Volux uses the same well-tested and widely-used hyaluronic acid used by other Juvederm® fillers. Good candidates for Volux want to restore or enhance their jaw shape or definition. Let your Juvanew provider know about any past reactions to dermal fillers.

*Individual Results May Vary