Do 6-pack abs, a firm butt, and powerful thighs always seem just out of reach?

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in the work at the gym and not getting the muscle definition you deserve for the effort. Having visible muscle definition when you’re in good physical condition should be automatic, but it’s not. That’s why Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting®, have taken body contouring to the next level with CoolTone™, and Juvanew Medspa is thrilled to bring this treatment to our patients.

CoolTone Rockwall

How Does CoolTone™ Work?

During the average workout, your muscles contract only as many times as your brain sends the appropriate signals to them. That’s where CoolTone’s™ power lies, in its magnetic intensity. CoolTone™ delivers magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) through the skin and fat layers to the muscle fibers to induce more involuntary contractions than your brain can naturally produce. These are called super maximal contractions, which are much stronger than any contractions exercise produces. Your muscle fibers are specifically targeted to strengthen, which increases their conditioning and definition. Super maximal contractions are why a CoolTone™ treatment is like the best workout you’ve ever performed, multiplied exponentially.

CoolTone™ is FDA-approved to treat the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. With liquid-cooled applicators, CoolTone™ is comfortable, safe, effective, and more powerful than regular exercise will ever be.

How Long Does a CoolTone™ Treatment Take?

CoolTone™ treatments are relatively quick, completed in 30 minutes. You’ll be shown into a comfortable, private room at Juvanew Medspa and the treatment applicators will be affixed to your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs as part of your treatment plan. Patients who’ve undergone CoolSculpting® treatments with Lynda, our CoolSculpting® Master Clinician, may consider CoolTone™ the next step in their body contouring journey, for the physique you’ve always wanted and couldn’t quite achieve.

What Results Can I Expect?

Strong, defined muscles, unfortunately, don’t happen overnight. It’s true with working out, and it’s true with CoolTone™. Results may become visible as soon as 3 weeks after your initial treatment. Your aesthetic goals may require between 4-8 treatments, which can and should be scheduled every few days to maintain momentum. Most patients begin to see defined, measurable results to their abdominal, buttock, and thigh muscles after the 4th session.

Is There Any Downtime?

CoolTone™ requires zero downtime. In fact, your exercise routine isn’t even interrupted, though you may feel as though you’ve had the workout of your life after treatment. You may feel some muscle pain, temporary muscle spasms, and possibly some temporary tendon or joint pain. Your skin may also appear red for a few hours where the applicator was affixed to your body.

You don’t have to make weight training your full time job just to get the muscle definition you’ve long desired. At Juvanew, with our CoolTone™ technology creating super maximal muscle contractions that do far more than any single workout is capable of, you can have the 6-pack abs, the rounded, firm butt, and the powerful thighs that define peak physical conditioning. After all, you put in the work to be your healthiest self, so you deserve it.


*Individual Results May Vary

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