There are a multitude of reasons why one may be rethinking a tattoo that they got in their younger days. Sometimes landing an important job means getting rid of visible tattoos. Maybe it was a relationship gone wrong. Perhaps the artist made a mistake that you don’t want to wear. Regardless of the reason, at some point, it may become necessary to remove a tattoo. One of the most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal is, “Does it hurt?” Let’s take a look!

Laser Tattoo Removal Rockwall

*Individual Results May Vary

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

In a laser tattoo removal treatment, the laser is used to disrupt the ink pigment that is embedded in the skin. The Fotona QX Max laser uses highly concentrated pulses of energy that are absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo. The pigments are then broken down into tiny particles. This ink is then safely absorbed by the body and flushed away by the body’s own natural lymphatic system. These pigments then fade and disappear over time. Due to the variety of inks that are used in tattoos, the number of treatments will vary by patient and tattoo. Many people see results in as little as two treatments, but most patients need anywhere from 4 to 8 treatments to get the best results.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultations Available

When discussing the laser tattoo removal process, most patients describe the process as feeling a targeted heating sensation. This feeling can be uncomfortable, however, the vast majority of patients agree that it is not as painful as getting the tattoo put on initially. In order to make the whole process more comfortable, there is a cooling device used during the treatment to take the edge off of any of the sensations our patients may feel. After the treatment, the site may blister, scab, or peel. Ice packs can be used to cool the site and reduce inflammation. So, while there is pain associated with having the tattoo removed, your technicians will do all they can to make the removal as painless as possible.

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