Diet and exercise. Exercise and diet. We all hear that being preached day in and day out. You’ve done that faithfully for months upon months and yet you still have some stubborn belly fat hanging around. You are not alone. This is a very common problem among people who have lost weight rapidly or over time. Now there is a safe and effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce that belly fat called CoolSculpting!

Coolsculpting Rockwall, Tx

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical way to freeze away that fat. People no longer need to resort to invasive surgeries with long recovery times to get the look they desire because this incredible technology crystallizes fat cells which are then flushed away over time by the body’s own metabolic processes. With Coolsculpting, a typical treatment lasts about one hour per treatment area. There is even better news because many physicians offer Dual-Sculpting which is the use of two CoolSculpting devices at once. This allows for two areas to be treated at the same time in one session. The use of Dual-Sculpting cuts the patients’ individual treatment time in half. Additionally, because there is no downtime with these treatments, patients can schedule their visit and immediately go about their daily routines. Some patients have reported redness, slight tenderness, and swelling at the treatment site, but this is completely normal and disappears after about two weeks.

When Will I See Results From CoolSculpting?

Patients can begin to see results in as little as four weeks after their first treatment as their bodies naturally flush away the unwanted fat cells. The average client needs about two or three treatments to achieve their ideal results. This is a relatively short amount of time considering there is no recovery time as there would be with invasive surgical methods. Once fat cells are flushed from the body, the treatment areas will look 20-25% smaller and those fat cells will not come back. To maintain results, patients should follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Being consistent about making healthy choices will keep patients looking and feeling their best for years to come.

Coolsculpting Rockwall

Take the Next Step

It is exciting that we now have new ways to reduce that stubborn belly fat! You have reinvented your eating and exercise plan and have determined to live a healthy lifestyle. Now get an esteem-building boost from CoolSculpting. It’s time to contact the trusted staff at Juvanew Medspa and schedule a consultation! They are located in Rockwall, TX where they serve Dallas, Heath, Garland, Greenville, and Royse City. Call (214) 771-4611 or fill out and submit the form on this page. Imagine how great you will feel after investing in yourself and your appearance!